I was 80 years of age in February 2009. I have had dry skin all my life, when I was a child my elbows, hands, fingers, knees, I lower legs and feet gave me trouble. The Winter was the worst time of the year, when my cracked, skin would bleed. My Mother used to bath me, pat me dry in front of the fire, it was very cold in the Winter. My Mother would rub olive oil and cream on me, I helped myself when I started school. Some of the
other children called me ‘Froggy’, I used to get so annoyed. One day I shouted at the class, our teacher pulled me out of class by my ear, it cracked and bled. My Mother complained to the Head Teacher and my Teacher was suspended for one week, the class was quite happy, the Teacher was not liked.

Before I was 16 years old I did not know my skin was called Excema. When I was 40 years old a doctor at the golf  course said to me “I see you have Ichthyosis”, he became a good friend of mine, everybody I spoke to have never heard of this name.

I have tried everything. My skin is better in the Summer, when my body can perspire. January last year my feet started to crack, and my lower legs were inflamed. I went to see a Dermatologist, he wanted to try me on Neotigason® acitretin. After reading the drug’s after effects he described to me, I declined the offer and thanked him for his help.

I continued using my petroleum jelly, I wash with Epaderm™, my skin is flaking all the time. Everyday I vacuum clean by bed and rooms, my skin cleared up in the Summer. My feet and leg trouble started again this Winter. I went to my doctor, he prescribed Fucibet® cream, I stayed on it for 3 weeks, and things are looking better. After shaving I use Nivea® dry skin lotion on my face, and lower arms to stop them looking dry with short sleeves.

I am quite fit although I have arthritis and Cervical spondylosis. My height is 5ft 4in and weight 9st 3lbs. I don’t like cold weather and wind.