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Eradication of K1/K10 in the epidermis – a model for Bullous Congenital Ichthyosiform Erythroderma (BIE/EHK) therapy

Update 2012 We have finished the project and published it recently in the highly renowned international scientific journal Journal of Cell Science (L. Wallace, L. Roberts-Thompson, J. Reichelt. 2012. Deletion of K1/K10 does not impair epidermal stratification but affects desmosomal structure and nuclear integrity. Journal of Cell Science. Epub ahead of print). (Wallace et al., […]

Gene therapy

Gene Therapy for genetic skin disease Netherton syndrome

Update 2012 Gene therapy for inherited skin disease Netherton syndrome We have been developing gene therapy for the inherited skin disease Netherton syndrome. The therapeutic process involves taking skin stem cells from a patient with Netherton syndrome which are cultured in the laboratory and modified by introducing a new gene called SPINK5 (therapeutic gene). These […]

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Understanding why ichthyosis skin is scaly

Update 2010 In lamellar ichthyosis, skin structure can be compromised, like a defective brick wall, and this sends signals to the skin making cells divide more quickly, resulting in scaling. We refer to this as hyperkeratosis. Although there are several genetic causes of lamellar ichthyosis, it is not known whether the mechanism of scaling is […]

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2011 Ichthyosis Support Group/British Skin Foundation Small Grant

The Ichthyosis Support Group (ISG) was delighted to team up with the British Skin Foundation (BSF) to award a joint grant of £10,000 for 2011 towards research into helping individuals living with ichthyosis. From the applications received the ISG’s Medical Advisory Board, and advvisors from the BSF decided the grant should be given to the […]

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ISG Research Grants

The ISG awards funding of £5000 annually to ichthyosis related research. Updates for these projects can be found in individual posts about each of the projects, or alternatively click here. The following explains where these grants have previously been awarded and how they will be used to help research projects. Understanding why ichthyosis skin is […]

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