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ISG's NLA Award

National Lottery Awards

Since winning the National Lottery Award for the Health Category 2013 the ISG has managed to raise fantastic interest within the media.  Here are some links to various footage filmed along our journey from when we were shortlisted as finalists until we received the award formally on the star studded show at Pinewood Studios!   […]

Minh TV

Channel 5 – Extraordinary People: The boy they call ‘Fish’

Minh Anh lives on a special ward of a Saigon hospital, where both patients and staff call him Ka – Vietnamese for fish – because of the scaly, itchy, peeling skin that covers his body. 8000 miles away, Brenda loves Minh Anh like a son, and every year for the last 15, she has travelled […]

The Morning Show – Interview with ISG member

Ada Mulhern talks to the presenters of Ireland’s ‘This Morning Show’ about her son Sama who has Bullous ichthyosis.  To watch the interview click here.  

Newscaster in Television Studio

ITV’s This Morning interview with ISG member

ISG member Nusrit Shaheen appeared on ITV’s This Monring programme on Thursday 25th August along with ISG’s Medical Advisory Board Chairman Dr David Paige. You can see the interview by clicking on the title above and then following the link. Living with Harlequin ichthyosis (If you experience problems playing the clip, maybe a message saying […]

Laura’s fundraising for ichthyosis

Laura Levy whose Son Mekhi was born a collodion baby is fundraising for ichthyosis and the Ichthyosis Support Group. Her and Mekhi were recently featured on ITV’s Anglia evening news. Watch online.

5 year old Annabelle attracts US interest

Journalist from the US Today Show crosses the pond to meet Annabelle. Watch online.

ITV1 documentary by Real Families 'My Skin Could Kill Me'

A Day in the Life of Dana & Lara Dana and Lara have Harlequin ichthyosis and regardless of what day it is or whether there are any of the numerous hospital appointments their day starts at 6:30am, when Dana & Lara are woken for their breakfast.  Soon after this they have the first of their […],,