View the Look at Me preliminary report 2012  here.

The final campaign report will be published in 2013


Look at Me is the campaign led by Changing Faces, the UK wide charity supporting and representing people with conditions, scars and marks which affect their appearance.  The aim of the campaign is to ensure that people with a range of skin diseases receive high quality information and appropriate psycho-social care, in addition to medical treatment.

To achieve this aim Look at Me will:

a. Influence the development of NICE quality standards on dermatology to include the provision of psycho-social care
b. Raise awareness and understanding of the psycho-social impact of disfiguring skin conditions amongst health and social care professionals and commissioners in the area of dermatology
c. Raise awareness amongst people with skin conditions to understand what service they should be able to expect from their health and social care professionals.

Look at Me is supported by an advisory group chaired by Baroness Finlay and includes representatives from the British Association of Dermatology, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin, the NHS Confederation, Mind, Rethink and psychologists. Individuals with skin conditions and their families are involved in the development of the campaign.

An interim report will be published in the Autumn of 2012 which will provide evidence of the need for the campaign and make a case for
change. A final report will be published in the Spring of 2013 which will include further evidence, good practice examples and service models.
The audience for the campaign will be commissioners, NICE, dermatologists, GP’s and any other allied health professionals involved in the care of people with skin conditions in hospitals and in the community. Publicity aimed at commissioners, health professionals and people with skin conditions is planned after the final report is published.

Some facts:

• Around 24% of the population in England and Wales (12.9 million people) visited their GP with a skin problem in one year
• Of these people, the most common reasons for seeing their GP were skin infection and eczema
• Historically, the impact of skin disease has been accorded low priority
• There is strong evidence that shows that common skin diseases can significantly affect psychological wellbeing, social functioning and everyday activities of patients and their families.

Look at Me survey for skin conditions

We need to know if the services you want are the services you get.

And if they are not, our Look at Me campaign is going to do something about it.

So tell us – what services do you get? Are they what you want? What services don’t you get and what services do you want?

If you live in England and are 18 or over, click here to fill in our survey today.

If you would also like to take part in a focus group on 26th July 2012 or do a one to one interview, contact Henrietta Spalding on

If you are interested in receiving more information about Look at Me or would like to become involved in the campaign please contact Salma Khanche at  or 020 7391 9273.