Get on your bike to support people living with ichthyosis

This summer the Ichthyosis Support Group is calling out to active schools, families and individuals to get on their bike to support people living with ichthyosis. Throughout the whole of July, people can take part in this easy charity challenge by cycling 2.1 kilometers around the park, school grounds, on their way to work or even at the gym.

Participants signing up to the challenge are encouraged to gain as much sponsorship as possible, for their efforts to help fundraise to aid the vital support that ISG provides to the many individuals and families living with ichthyosis in the UK.

Parents are also asked to work in partnership with their children’s schools to organise cycling challenges before the school holidays begin.

ISG director, Mandy Aldwin, said: “We launched the Ichthycyclotron back in 2015 and each year we can gain more and more support, and we hope even more people will participate in 2018.

“The event is open to everyone and it is a really easy way for people to get outside and improve their fitness during the summer, whilst raising money for charity.

“People taking part in the cycling challenge are free to choose how and where they wish to do the challenge, whether it is as a fun family day out, a trip to work or part of a gym routine.

“This year we hope that more people than ever will take on the challenge of cycling 2.1 kilometers and help us as we strive to raise funds for people living with ichthyosis.”

Ichthyosis is describes a group of conditions in which the skin is dry and scaly. Ichthyosis scaling is continuous and usually affects the whole body. Most types are congenital, meaning that they are present at birth, and inherited. There is no cure for ichthyosis although its symptoms can be managed to help improve its condition and relief discomfort, however in severe case these conditions can still be fatal.

Registration is now open, come and join the 2018 ICHTHYCYCLOTRON during July

Ichthycyclotron school letters are also available. Please email