Would you like to be involved in the filming of a DVD about ichthyosis?

The Ichthyosis Support Group has begun the process of making a DVD to raise awareness of, and to educate people about ichthyosis.  We are positive this DVD will help raise awareness amongst not only the general public, but also health care professionals who often do not fully understand the condition.  We anticipate this DVD will also be viewed by sufferers of the condition, to gain a better insight into their condition whilst being able to learn directly from the experience of others.

Bob Walters has been invited by the ISG to undertake the responsibility of filming and creating footage for this DVD. Rob is an experienced programme maker, first for the BBC and then running his own production company for the last 10 years. He works with a lot of charities, working on sensitive subjects.  He is used to working with young people and their families to help them tell their story. A long running series, video diaries – made for Great Ormond Street Hospital – involved working closely with everyone involved in the care and treatment of young people. He is an accredited BBC trainer and works with young people teaching them movie making skills.

We are asking individuals and families affected by ichthyosis who are willing to take part in such a DVD to sign and return our consent form.  We can assure you the purposes for which this film will be used will be none other than those outlined in the consent form.

If you would like to participate in the making of this DVD about ichthyosis please download and complete the consent form and return to ISG, PO Box 1404, Bagshot GU22 2LS.  If you would like to discuss the DVD further or would like more information please contact us at isg@ichthyosis.org.uk or call 0845 602 9202.