Our very own Director Sarah recently raised £410 by throwing herself off a disused quarry in North Wales. Here’s her story.

When I found the ISG over 3 years ago I found a piece of me I had been missing for years. Since then I have wanted to show my appreciation to the ISG for the support and encouragement they showed me. I have dedicated most of my spare time volunteering for the ISG and supporting our members but had never really raised any funds for group.

My family friends and co-workers all do crazy things to raise funds for the ISG as they know how important our work is so I thought I would take a leaf out of their book and start with something small!

I choose to complete the longest zip wire in Europe eek! I also managed to “rope” in 6 of my fellow work collegues, they were more than happy to throw themselves off a quarry with me! Little did we know that there were actually 3 Zip wires involved!

We were all very nervous and very excited as we approached the first Zip, we screamed and screamed as we descended over the quarry but soon found the adrenalin took over and could not wait for the next one.

As we completed the 3rd Zip wire we were like professionals and loved taking in the view! It was worth every scary moment to raise all the money for the charity that I have a passion for.

My next challenge is walking around the CN tower in Toronto when I go there in Easter 2016, wish me luck!!