Hello my name is Theo and I am 15cm tall. I’m strong, a little bit fierce, oh and I have some scales too!

DragonMany people met me at the ISG Family Conference in Birmingham when I was announced as the ISG mascot to our Ichthyosis family. I didn’t have a name though, so there was a live poll to decide my name on the day. I am so pleased to be named ‘Theo’!

I would love to get out and about talking to, and meeting new people. I want to travel the country if not the world – I even have my own passport! I’ve met lots of people already but I want to meet loads more.

I am so pleased that children and adults all love me and want one just like me for themselves.

I cost £10 +P&P to buy, and this is just about the same amount as it cost to put one of me together. The ISG do not make any money on me because my purpose is to raise awareness and smiles. You can buy me by clicking here.

I’m looking forward to visiting lots of Theo on the moveplaces and please share your photos taken with me online using #Theo

Here are some photos of me posing with my friends already, some are bigger kids than others, but I really don’t mind at all.