High Flying Summer camps!

photo-2-500x300This year we held 4 summer camps for children aged 7-16yrs. The camps were held at PGL sites all over the UK including Surrey, Lincolnshire, Lancashire and Shropshire! http://www.pgl.co.uk/

The children that attend are all affected by Ichthyosis in some way, whether they have the condition themselves or they are a sibling/cousin of someone with the condition.

The camps are packed full of activities which include things like…

Zipwire, quadbiking, Archery, Oreinteering, Giant Swing, Abseiling, climbing plus many many more.

The camps are designed to be exciting and fun whilst encouraging social interaction, promoting personal development and increasing confidence and self-esteem.

Thanks to grants received from Genetic Disorders UK and the British Association for Dermatologists, during 2015 we are able to provide these camps free of charge for our members.

After attending a camp with her son a mum felt she had to write us a thank you letter and to tell us about her experience…

“As a parent I had not really experienced any ISG activities other than the conferences and fun days, my youngest son has Llamellar Ichthyosis was able to attend with his brother which I found really reassuring. My youngest son was very nervous about being away from me and I was worried because he does not cream himself, after voicing my concerns to the ISGI was very lucky and it was agreed I could attend a volunteer

Firstly, the staff at the camp were very welcoming, we then gradually met up with all the other people attending camp.

I was initially worried when I realised that my sons would be sleeping in different rooms to me but after the first night I need not have worried at all.

My son’s quickly developed a bond with all of the other children despite the different ages, they were both so relaxed.

I saw before my own eyes my two boys confidence grow and it really was amazing to see.

There seemed to be a hidden bond with all the children kind of like a secret understanding of each other.
It was an invaluable experience for myself and my sons who are now looking forward to attending the next camp on their own.

The camps run from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening over the school holidays (Easter/summer/October) If you would like any more information, would like your child to attend or you would like to volunteer at one of the camps with our trustees please contact Sarah@Ichthyosis.org.uk or call 08456029202 and speak to Liz.