Are you a young person or parent of a young person with a condition that affects appearance such as ichthyosis?

Is your child worried about their appearance, does it interfere with their life or stop them from enjoying themselves, or are they upset by teasing or other people’s reactions to the way they look?

Would they like to receive support and advice and learn new skills to help them feel more positive and confident about their appearance?

The Centre for Appearance Research, UWE and the Ichthyosis Support group is looking for young people to test out in their own homes, a new 7 week online support programme called YP Face It for young people who have worries because of a condition that affects appearance.

It has 7 weekly sessions and uses interactive and learning activities, illustrations, videos, audio, photos and advice from other young people with a condition that affects appearance to help young people feel and act more positively and confidently.


If you’re interested in finding out more about this study, please contact the Researcher Catrin Griffiths on 0117 32 83947 or email