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The Ichthyosis Support Group (ISG) was set up by people directly affected by ichthyosis and the group continues to exist through fundraising and voluntary work. The ISG is the only charity in the UK and Ireland supporting those affected by ichthyosis. 

Fundraising is crucial to enable the ISG to continue supporting individuals and families.

The way in which the ISG provides this support is extensive and is as follows:

  • Freephone helpline
  • Newsletters
  • Information written by medical professionals
  • Educational conferences
  • Family days
  • Children’s residential camps
  • Online discussion sessions

Ichthyosis is a lifelong genetic condition and very visible. It doesn't come and go, nor is patchy like other more well known skin diseases. The physical and psychological impact of the condition can't be underestimated, and unwelcome comments and questions, stares and ignorance can be the hardest part of living with ichthyosis. It's not well known even by some medical professionals and the ISG provides individuals and families with a vital support network.

£100 - Funds 10 information packs for a school to help children attend lessons and mange their condition in school

£250 - Funds information, support and advice to 10 newly diagnosed families 

£500 - Funds the cost of 2 families attending the family conference

£1000 - Funds the cost of 5 children to attend a children's camp 

£5000 - Funds a small research grant

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Buy your tickets here

(you'll be taken to the People's Fundraising website).

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