The past few months have been tough for many of us, and families affected by ichthyosis are no exception. Some may have felt isolated, have not been able to meet up with their 'ichthyfamily', or had their regular medical appointments. Returning to school, college and work may be causing some anxiety and our event is here to help.

Our online event taking place on 26th September via Zoom is for everyone affected by ichthyosis, whatever your age or type of ichthyosis. Participate and engage in virtual discussion sessions and interactive workshops within the ichthyosis community and with support from our Medical Advisory Board. You can opt into the sessions that appeal to you. You do not need to participate in all the activities, unless you want to!

Share experiences with, ask questions of, listen and chat to adults, teens, parents and grandparents, all living with ichthyosis, within a discussion group. The sessions will last approximately an hour each.

We have also teamed up with Changing Faces to provide an interactive workshop for parents and young people offering self esteem and confidence building techniques to handle various situations plus much more. These sessions are relevant to young people affected by ichthyosis aged 10-16 years as well as their parents.  Parents of younger children may also benefit from the sessions in preparation as their children get older and become more aware of their condition. For more details about this workshop click here.

These scheduled online Zoom sessions will run throughout the day between 11am and 4pm, and you can log on and participate in the session/s that are relevant to you.

We need to know what you'd like to talk about, and if you have a more specific but general question about ichthyosis for our Medical Advisory Board. Let us know when you register.

To register for our Online ISG Family Day click here

Finish off your day with some fun and games, and a bit of friendly competition in our family friendly online quiz taking place at 7pm. For more information and to get your £5 (plus admin fee) ticket click here.