Are you an English-speaking adult (18+) with a skin condition, who would like to take part in an online group interview study? You'll be sharing experiences of managing skin conditions and ways of supporting people to live well with skin conditions.
Researchers at Cardiff University (UK) are working on a 3-year global project to develop a new smartphone application (app) to support the psychological health and well-being of people living with skin conditions.  The first step is an online group interview study.
The online form includes information about the study, the consent form, a section that asks for some information about you, and a link to a doodle poll for interview scheduling. View the details online, and complete the online form at if you'd like to take part.
For more information about the research project, please contact Rachael Hewitt at [email protected] and please feel free to share the details of this study with anyone you know who may be interested.