If you are holding meetings, conferences, quizzing or chatting with family and friends on video platforms such as Zoom or Teams now you have the opportunity to raise money for us at the same time using QR codes, through new non-profit initiative The Giving Room.

The Giving Room has provided a dedicated donation QR Code and weblink for us for users wishing to support the Ichthyosis Support Group.

The campaign hopes to raise £200,000 over the summer for charities including us.

If you'd like to support us please download a virtual background with a QR code to use in your virtual meeting as your  background. The meeting participants then see this background and can scan the QR code with a smartphone camera to trigger a donation. Alternatively, they can copy and paste a weblink into a chat box or invitation for their online meeting.

Grab the virtual background and add it to your next online video conference call.

1. Get your background

Download and save a virtual background from the below.

Insert it into your Zoom settings under virtual backgrounds.

Select the background.

Or insert it to your Microsoft Teams backgound.



2. Place in your meeting

Use the background in your next meeting. See the background around your head.

Tell everyone what you’re doing, and why you support the charity.

3. Ask your participants to scan and donate

Ask people to scan the QR code with their smartphone.

They can donate their coffee money (£2) or a bit more quickly and easily.

Return to the meeting.

Alternatively you can share our unique link https://thyg.uk/CQR011663 in your chat and in your meeting invitations to allow people to donate.