#TeamISG will be trekking 25km across 16 of London's most iconic bridges to raise awareness and funds to celebrate 25 years of the Ichthyosis Support Group (ISG).

Members, Trustees, Researchers and a Dermatologist will join forces to support eachother for this exciting challenge across the Capital on Saturday 10th September 2022.

Why are we trekking to raise money? The skin in ichthyosis is incredibly dry, scaly and flaky, often with redness, inflammation and itch. All the skin is affected from head to toe. There is no cure, it is unremitting and genetic, usually apparent at birth and will be present throughout the individual's life. It has a significant impact on a person's daily life, requiring tireless application of creams or ointments, and time-consuming bathing routines. It affects a person's physical appearance and, as such, can have a profound psychological impact. The impact of the condition affects the whole family.

"When our Son was diagnosed with ichthyosis many years ago we didn't know where to turn. The ISG provided us with both support and information to help us better understand the condition. That enabled us to to provide better care for his needs. We feel it's important to fundraise for the ISG so that we can help other families in our situation in the future".

 - Edel and John Kenny

The ISG helps raise awareness amongst the public and medical professionals about ichthyosis and provides tremendous support for individuals and families living with the condition. They also support research into ichthyosis to better understand the disease and to work towards finding better treatments to alleviate the impact it has on those affected. By sponsoring us you will be directly helping the ISG continue the vital work they do.

Please show your support for the team with a donation. Thank you!