Ichthyosis Support Group has been working hard for over 20 years to make life better for its members and everyone affected by ichthyosis. Our charity is passionate and determined to improve the quality of life for people who have to cope with this very difficult and debilitating long-term health condition. It is incredibly tough on both the person with ichthyosis, especially children, and their families.

We provide an extensive range of ichthyosis information and advice, services and resources, which we distribute across our various communication channels and networks. We also work hard to give a voice for people with ichthyosis, raising awareness of the condition, support research into new treatments and campaign for better medical care.

Here are some highlights of what we do to make a difference:

  • We provide reliable, evidence-based information and advice through our website, social media channels, publications and Newsletters.
  • we offer support and information to individuals, families, medical professionals and schools.
  • We offer individualised advice through our Helpline.
  • We raise awareness of ichthyosis and work with key health officials on strategic issues.
  • We work closely relevant medics, phamaceutical companies and umbrella organisations.
  • We campaign for better medical care for people with ichthyosis.
  • We promote and contribute to research relating to ichthyosis.
  • We work with other ichthyosis patient groups around the world.