Committed to the ongoing provision of an information network and support structure for individuals and families affected by ichthyosis

Caring For Ichthyosis

There is no cure for ichthyosis, but it can be treated and managed. There are many types of ichthyosis and each type is unique to each individual and depending on the type, may be inherited differently.


Author: Liz Dale

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Meet our members

Some of our members have generously shared their personal stories of living with ichthyosis. These stories feature many types of ichthyosis from a wide range of people.


Author: Mandy Aldwin

Impact of ichthyosis

3 hrs

is the average time people spend a day treating their skin


is the collective number of different emollients used by members


of people stated having ichthyosis affects more than just their skin

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New stories

  • New product - Udrate

    Following the discontinuation of Calmurid, Udrate is the new product available containing Urea and Lactic acid. Read more

  • WaterSure Scheme

    WaterSure is a scheme which helps people on specific benefits on a water meter (or waiting for one to be installed) with their water bills. Read more

  • Funding Ichthyosis Related Research

    We would like to know which areas of research are of most interest to you, and what type of research you would like to see funded. Read more

  • Summary of Ear Care in Ichthyosis Discussion Sessions

    On Saturday 27th March 2021 members joined us on Zoom for 2 1 hour discussion sessions about Ear Care in Ichthyosis, held at 10.00am and 5.00pm. Independent ENT Nurse Practitioner, Jo Outhwaite, (previously from Birmingham Children’s Hospital) shared her expertise on ear care. Read more

Latest events

  • Climb Snowdon Challenge

    Celebrate our 25th Anniversary and tick 'Climb a Mountain' off your bucket list! Join us for a challenge to remember on 1st May 2022. Read more

  • 25th Anniversary Logo Competition

    2022 is the ISG's 25th Anniversary Year and we'd like you to help us design a logo we will use throughout this celebratory year. Read more

  • Hair and Scalp Care in Ichthyosis Discussion

    Do you have questions about Hair and Scalp Care in Ichthyosis? We invite you to participate in a Zoom session with us, Consultant Dermatologists and Dermatology Nurses on Saturday 8th May at 10.00am BST. Read more

  • Online Virtual Children's Camp

    To bring together our younger members we are hosting an online virtual camp for children aged 16 years and under on Saturday 15th May 2021 at 11am (BST) via Zoom. Read more