I’ve been in post since 2003, as a consultant dermatologist here in Newport, South Wales.

From the beginning I was offered the chance to take on the paediatric clinic, where I have been ably supported by Heulwen Wyatt, my paediatric nurse. As we further developed the children’s dermatology service together, I looked for more external experience in paediatric dermatology: it was attending the Birmingham Children’s Hospital where I met Professor Celia Moss, my single most inspiring and supportive role model. She in turn introduced me to the Ichthyosis Support Group (and Mandy Aldwin-Easton, ISG Trustee).

There are lots of challenges, not least an ever-increasing demand for dermatology services. Finding practical and innovative ways to try to address this remains an on-going interest for all of us in the field.

I enjoy meeting and speaking with patients more than anything else. The questions they pose mean I am never allowed to get bored or complacent. I also enjoy trying to pass on my knowledge to my colleagues and trainees, through teaching and asking more questions. I am not afraid to say when I don’t know the answer to questions from patients, parents and other colleagues. It is these conversations that stimulate future research.

I enjoy being an advocate for patient support groups and the ISG remains a wonderful role model that I use as my regular example of where we need each other’s support. Teaching my trainees and peers about ichthyosis always includes the ISG.

Being a dermatologist has always been a great privilege, using my knowledge and experience gained from others to help guide and advise patients in making the best decisions about their care. I never get tired of this.

When I am not working, you will find me in the garden, walking the dog or standing in a river wondering where the fish have gone.