How long have you been an ophthalmologist and surgeon?
I completed my specialist surgical training in 2003 and was appointed as a consultant that year. November 2021 will mark 18 years as a consultant.
What inspired you to follow this career path?
I was initially inspired by the delicate and intricate nature of eye surgery and the positive nature of my mentors in this speciality. I have since been inspired by the outcomes and impact of this to people's lives and more recently by seeing the progress made by trainees who have worked with me and are now successful surgeons in their own right. To have been part of this process is not only gratifying and rewarding but also, inspirational.
What are the biggest challenges you face in your role?
Fitting everything in the waking day. I have tried to stop emailing at night!
What do you enjoy most about your job?
The people I interact with throughout the week, comprising of my team and staff colleagues as well as the sizeable number of patients and relatives I meet each week.
Why did you become involved with the ISG?
This is a challenging condition and one that most of us are not exposed to in our training. I was involved in using technology that we use in other aspects of my speciality to try and correct eyelid ectropion and retraction in ichthyosis. This sparked my interest. We were then fortunate to be involved in providing ophthalmic input to multi-speciality project to help devise European Guidelines for Ichthyosis Management. This, unexpectedly turned out to be a huge amount of work but something that changed my entire outlook on this condition. I learned so much in the course of this project. One thing leads to another...
How do you raise awareness and signpost people towards the ISG?
The ISG website
Why is being an ophthalmologist and surgeon important to you?
It combines my interest in science, surgery, innovation, continued learning and the care and contribution to improving people's quality of life. Also, couldn't quite cut a career as a musician!
Outside of your role what are your interests and hobbies?
Music, tennis, travel...not much of that lately!