You would not be alone if you have difficultly looking after your or your child’s scalp and hair. The following information is a guide to help you decide how often to do the treatments depending on the type of hair and has been approved by a Dermatology Nurse Specialist.

  • Caucasian and Asian hair types - 3 treatments over 3 days or more if required
  • Afro Caribbean hair - 1 treatment week over 3 weeks (you can use the treatment more often if you wish)
  • Use your normal moisturiser or try 25% emulsifying ointment in Coconut oil, 50/50 white soft paraffin/liquid paraffin, Emulsifying ointment, to name a few.
  • Moisturiser containing salicylic acid may help lift scales but this may sting inflamed skin and should be used with caution. Salicylic acid is sometimes contained in hair pomades developed for Afro Caribbean hair.
  • As an alternative and if you have longer hair you may prefer to use products containing coconut oil or olive oil.


  • Fine tooth comb
  • Normal tooth comb
  • 25% Emulsifying ointment in Coconut oil or usual moisturiser
  • Hair bands
  • Hair covering e.g. scarf, Doo Rag, (can be bought in shops selling afro Caribbean hair products), old pair of tights (with the legs tied together and the legs cut off above the knot)


  • Separate hair into 4-8 bunches using the hair bands
  • Starting at the base of the neck part hair using normal comb
  • Apply emollient to parting
  • Continue to part hair in small sections and apply emollient a bunch at a time until all of scalp is covered
  • Cover hair and leave in until the next morning
  • In the morning comb through hair using a fine tooth comb to lift the scales
  • Wash out the emollient
  • Repeat the above again in the evening
  • Continue treatment until scales have gone
  • Use treatment once or twice a week to reduce the build up of scales

Download The Removal of Headscales Factsheet

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