Thank you for visiting my fundraising page. I am a proud Ambassador for this wonderful charity, the Ichthyosis Support Group and I know that every penny you donate goes to help support families who are affected by ichthyosis. I was born with this condition and like most families we knew very little about it when I was born, and there was little information available to help guide us.

Now we know there are over 30 different types of ichthyosis and we have this wonderful charity that organises educational conferences, family days, provides up to date information about research and new products, which is absolutely invaluable! The charity provides a community for people living with ichthyosis, who otherwise can feel alone and isolated with this rare genetic skin condition.

Your donation can help the charity continue to achieve their aims of supporting families across the UK and Ireland with an amazing support network.

Thanks for all your support it means a lot!


amanda greenall