Republic of Ireland Pre-order - Luke and the tiger storybook (hardback)

Recently translated into English, Luke and the tiger is a storybook about a boy with the skin condition ichthyosis for children aged 3-7 years. Luke wakes up in the middle of the night, because there is a tiger next to his bed. The tiger can’t find her babies, and she asks Luke for help. During their adventure, they meet other wild animals and discover that Luke is not the only one with a special skin.

The author, Jolien van der Geugten, is mother to a six-year-old son with X-Linked ichthyosis from The Netherlands. When her son started grade school, she missed an uplifting story to tell his classmates, his friends and their parents about his skin condition. Therefore, she decided to write a children’s book herself. The story uses a positive approach to explain what it’s like to have a dry skin condition, like ichthyosis. The message in this story is valuable for children with and without skin problems, as it will help them to understand each other better.

You can pre-order the book if you live in the Republic of Ireland, and it will be available for distribution in November. Should you wish to order more than 2 books and/or additional items, please contact us for postage costs. If you live in the UK and you'd like to pre-order the book please click here. If you live outside of these areas please contact Jolien for details.

Colouring page

You can download a free colouring page of Luke and the tiger from the website. Jolien: ‘With the colouring page I hope to increase awareness about ichthyosis and the book. I hope children will have a positive memory of the story and that the story will stick in their minds a little better. The book has already been read at various schools in The Netherlands and they used the colouring pages as well’.

About the author

Jolien van der Geugten (38 years) is married and is mother to three children (3, 6 and 8 years old). She obtained her PhD in Health promotion in 2017. She decided to use her knowledge and skills for people with a skin disease. Besides this children’s book, she was editor-in-chief for the first magazine on ichthyosis ‘Itchy’ and she developed an information leaflet about ichthyosis in The Netherlands.

Luke and the tiger will be available for distribution in November 2021. Do you have a question about the book, or buying it from outside of the UK and Ireland please email Jolien at [email protected]. If you have a question about buying the book in the UK or Ireland please email the ISG at [email protected].


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