We know the ichthyoses are a group of rare genetic skin conditions characterised by extremely dry scaly skin and that there are over 30 different types. All types of ichthyosis can have a psychological impact on individuals and families but in X linked ichthyosis, which only presents in men, medics and scientists are increasingly learning more about the other physical and behavioural health issues associated with this type of ichthyosis.

In partnership with the Talkhealth Partnership in this webinar Professor O’Toole and William Davies discuss what we know about these conditions.  Look out for an ichthyosis skin clinic in May 2022.

The Ichthyosis Support Group (ISG) was set up by people directly affected by ichthyosis and the group continues to exist through fundraising and voluntary work. The ISG is the only charity in the UK and Ireland supporting those affected by ichthyosis.

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