What a fabulous way to celebrate our 25th Anniversary Year.  Join or sponsor #TeamISG for this amazing challenge.

Raise or donate whatever you can for ichthyosis research and to support those affected by ichthyosis. Currently there is no cure for ichthyosis and in a recent survey those affected by the condition rated an improvement in treatments as their top priority for research funding.

The ISG fund research, but we need your help to enable us to do this.

We have a very special family who hold an annual 'coffee morning' like no other. We are indebted to this family for everything they do, but they know we need to raise a lot more to fund significant research to improve the lives of those living with ichthyosis.

"When our Son was diagnosed with ichthyosis many years ago we didn't know where to turn. The ISG provided us with both support and information to help us better understand the condition. That enabled us to to provide better care for his needs. We feel it's important to fundraise for the ISG so that we can help other families in our situation in the future".

- Edel and John Kenny

Whether you are making a valuable donation or are setting up a fundraising page for your challenge, here you can do just that. Join #TeamISG.

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Set up a fundraising page

Thank you for your support!

If you are fundraising you might like to set up a fundraising page to collect donations online. This is especially helpful for your supporters who do not carry cash, or you may not see.  Set up a poster with a QR code so it can be scanned to make a donation. We can help set you up with your own unique fundraiser QR code or you can use our QR code linking directly to our Snowdon Challenge Appeal which is part of our 25th Anniversary Appeal. You may also like to use our text to donate details. All donors need to do is send a text message from their mobile phone to a special, 5 digit text message number. The donation gets added to their pay monthly bill or taken off their pay as you go credit.

Example of a QR code

Example of a Text to Donate code

Text SUPPORTISG to 70085 to donate £5

If you need any help please call us.
Disclaimer : Any donations received into our 25th Anniversary Appeal will help us continue supporting people affected by ichthyosis via our information and support network.