People like you make it possible for the Ichthyosis Support Group (ISG) to continue helping individuals and families living with ichthyosis every day, all over the UK.

You may not be aware but we have to generate the funds to finance everything we do. This is done by applying for grants, receiving sponsorship from pharmaceutical companies but by far the biggest contribution to our income is generated by those members who actively participate in fundraising activities. The more funds we can generate the more we can do to support research, raise awareness and introduce new support structures for our members.

Set up an Fundraising page on the ISG website by clicking on the "Fundraise" button. Using our online form is by far is the easiest way to get sponsorship from far and wide and the collecting is done for you – so no chasing up sponsors!

Or to simply make a one off or regular donation click the "Donate" button.

Thank you again for making time to show your support for those living with ichthyosis.

Good luck with your endeavours – just follow our Fundraising Guide and you’ll be fine, and remember, we are here to help you along the way. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.