In my work as a dermatologist over the years I have met many children and adults with the skin disorder called ichthyosis. In this condition, the skin is very dry and flaky, often with underlying redness, inflammation and itching. There is no cure for ichthyosis; it is a lifelong, unremitting genetic condition which impacts significantly on a person's daily life, requiring tireless application of creams or ointments, and time-consuming bathing routines. It affects a person's physical appearance and, as such, can have a profound psychological impact.
The Ichthyosis Support Group helps raise awareness amongst the public and medical professionals about ichthyosis and provides tremendous support for individuals and families living with the condition. They also support research into ichthyosis to better understand the disease and to work towards finding better treatments to alleviate the impact it has on those affected. By sponsoring me in this challenge you will be directly helping the ISG continue the vital work they do.

Jemima Mellerio