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24th April - Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP) Presentation and Q&A (online)

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1st June - Family Day at Beaulieu, Hampshire

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Get together with individuals, adults and children and join us at Beaulieu for a day of fun with people of all ages, sharing info on living with ichthyosis. Experience the National Motor Museum, Palace House, and more. Meet companies with products for ichthyosis treatment. It'll be a fantastic family day out! https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/attractions/ 

14th September - Information Day, Perth, Scotland

Registration opening later this year!

Join us for a day filled with info, talks and meeting people. Dermatologists, nurses and researchers will share their knowledge and news of managing the condition. Connect with others, swap stories, and gather tips on living with ichthyosis. Companies will be available to share product samples. Children will have an opportunity to go to a nearby PGL Activity Centre

29th-30th October - Overnight event at Barretstown, Co. Kildare Ireland

Registration opening later this year!

Come spend a couple of days immersed in information, discussions, and socialising with others impacted by ichthyosis. Dermatologists, nurses, and researchers will update you on managing ichthyosis, sharing the latest research. Network with each other to exchange stories and advice for navigating life with ichthyosis. Companies providing products for ichthyosis management will be part of the event. Barretstown is also an Activity Centre at which children will be able to enjoy all kinds of exciting activities https://barretstown.org/.../how-your.../team-building 

Children's residential camp dates to be confirmed

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