Epidermolytic ichthyosis (EI, EHK, KPI, BIE) Presentation and Q&A

Zoom session 18 November 2022

Do you have questions about Epidermolytic ichthyosis (EI, EHK, KPI, BIE)? Do you want to know more about it? Whether you are an adult with the condition, a carer, or both, watch and listen to this online presentation and Q&A session.

Hear from the Ichthyosis Support Group, Catherine Lancashire, Helen Lill and two of the world's experts in the condition, Professor Matthias Schmuth, and Dr Julia Reichelt, all of whom gave their time voluntarily. We provided this event free of charge.

Presentation and discussion is in English.

We were incredibly fortunate to have the support of this event from, and the expertise of Professor Matthias Schmuth and Dr Julia Reichelt. All presenters gave their time voluntarily. 

Professor Matthias Schmuth qualified as a medical doctor from the University of Vienna, Austria, has researched various types of ichthyosis and the skin barrier in San Francisco, USA. He has served on the Medical Advisory Board of the Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types (FIRST) in the US. He currently works as a physician scientist in Innsbruck, Austria, in a clinic, which is a member of the European Reference Network (ERN)-Skin.

Dr Julia Reichelt qualified as a Molecular Biologist at Marburg University, Germany. She studied the biology of skin keratins at the Universities of Bonn and Cologne, Germany. At Newcastle University, UK, she started using genome editing technologies to develop gene therapies for keratinopathies including EI. At EB House, Salzburg, Austria she was involved in the life-saving gene therapy in a boy with junctional EB who had 80% of his skin replaced with his own gene corrected keratinocytes. She continued to work on CRISPR-mediated gene therapy development in Innsbruck, Austria, before recently moving to Qatar where her research is focused on translation of personalized gene therapy approaches into the clinic.

Professor Schmuth and Dr Reichelt explain more about what clinicians and researchers understand and know about EI, treatments and new research. 

Questions were sent in advance and more answered during the live session.

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Contact Helen Lill [email protected] and Cat Lanacashire [email protected] via email (Founder and Administrators of private Epidermolytic ichthyosis Facebook Group 'My Skin Needs Gin').

There were some minor live streaming issues during the session however this should not impact on the information and knowledge shared in the recording.