On 29th July 2022 we held an online webinar with 54 individuals and families from around the world. There was a 2 part presentation plus question and answer sessions, and you can watch these below across 4 recordings.

We had planned 1 hour for our webinar, but thanks to the wonderful presentations from Professor Hovnanian and Dr Evgeniya Petrova, and the enthusiasm of the audience, it lasted well over 3 hours!

All the presenters gave their time voluntarily and received no payment for organising or providing this event. We would like to thank Professor Hovnanian and Dr Evgeniya Petrova for their generosity in time,  their knowledge, compassion and interest in not only the condition but also the patients behind the condition.

Thank you to everyone who sent questions and participated, you helped make this event the success that it was.

You may also like to read a fascinating, informative and relatively understandable online piece titled Advances in understanding of Netherton syndrome and therapeutic implications written by Dr Evgeniya Petrova and Professor Hovnanian.

Check out the international Netherton Network group. The organisation has held 2 Netherton Conferences for patients, families and professionals, with another planned for 2023. The organisation is developing all the time with more activities and will welcome involvement from the international Netherton Syndrome community. Contact the group to keep in touch with activities. Visit https://nethertonnetwork.com/