Well done on your fundraising, you are amazing – thank you! You don’t want cash hanging around in your home or workplace, it’s time to get your money to the ISG and there’s lots of ways to do that.

Complete the Fundraiser Paying In Form

When paying in or sending funds raised from sponsored and fundraising events please complete our Paying In Form online, or download it and send it to us. Send money in as you collect it or save it up for a big cheque at the end! We are happy to receive your sponsorship money as and when it suits you.


Please do not send cash through the post. It is increasingly difficult to pay cash in at a bank. Some branches no longer have cashiers, and a limited number have a machine to pay cash into your own account. Some branches do have a machine to pay in notes via your bank card. Most Post Office branches offer everyday banking services. See https://www.postoffice.co.uk/everydaybanking for details. Pay your money in and then donate it to us. You can donate it via your own fundraising page, if you set one up, or via our donate button www.ichthyosis.org.uk/donate.

When you enter your details, please tell us why you are donating to the ISG. Leave a comment with your donation about your fundraising, and underneath that, choose ‘’I held a fundraiser” or other relevant option for why you are donating. You can also help by telling us by completing our online form.

You can send a cheque made payable to the 'Ichthyosis Support Group' along with the Paying In Form and sponsorship forms (if applicable). 

Alternatively you may pay the money directly into our bank account, simply call or email us for the details. You can also pay via credit/debit card by calling us on 0800 368 9621 or email us at [email protected] 

Please let us know if you are paying in or donating money by any means. When you have sent in the final amount we will send you a certificate to proudly display to all those who helped you achieve your goal.

Gift Aid is a brilliant way to raise extra funds. By asking each taxpayer to give their full name and address, including postcode, when they fill in their details on your sponsorship form, we can claim an element of tax for every pound you give.