Here's our A-Z of ideas of ways you can fundraise


Auction of Promises, Ask for Donations

Ask friends, family or colleagues to donate a promise of their time i.e. decorating, gardening, cleaning, ironing etc., use of their belongings, or to donate a gift. Then hold an auction to buy the promises. Raise awareness at school, work etc. by educating and informing and ask for donations at certain times of the year such as Christmas.

Bike Ride, Bingo, BBQ, Book Sale, Bring and Buy Sale

Get on your bike and get sponsored to cycle as far as you can all for the ISG, Hold a Charity Bingo, BBQ, book sale or bring and buy event.


Charity of the Year, Coffee Morning, Car Boot Sale, Cake Sale, Car Washing

Ask your school, company or place of work to make the ISG their Charity of the Year. The ISG will provide full support in organising events. Ask their finance department to organise Payroll Giving to benefit ISG. Hold coffee mornings at school or playgroup.


Disco or Dance, Dress down day, Dinner Party, Dinner/Dance, Donations in Lieu

You could hold a disco or dance at school or wear your own clothes for the day. Have a theme, such as wear red for the day and get sponsored or a children’s character theme. Hold a dinner party or a dinner/dance and charge. If you are celebrating a ‘big’ birthday you may want to ask for donations instead of birthday presents.


Easter Egg Hunt, Easyfundraising, Easysearch, eBay for Charity

Send emails to everyone in your address book at work and home with lots of fun for children and adults alike. If you can’t wait until Easter, how about a Teddy Bear’s picnic or treasure hunt. Use Easyfundraising when you shop online, set Easysearch as your search engine. Sell on eBay – donate a percentage to the ISG!


Fairs and Fêtes, Film Night, Flyers, Fashion Show, Fancy Dress Party, Football Tournament 

Get involved with your local school or  community fête or fair, and hold a stall in aid of the ISG also a good opportunity to sell raffle tickets. Hold a film night and charge people to watch and sell drinks and snacks. Create flyers to advertise events, ask for donations, raise awareness etc.


Give As You Earn (GAYE), Garage Sale, Golf, Garden Party, Gym Challenge

Talk to your employer about GAYE. A good way to de-clutter the house and raise money for the ISG. Organise a charity golf tournament charging for entry or simply have a party in your garden and charge family and friends to come; you could even sell them the food and drink too!


Halloween Party, Hair Shave, Holiday Donation 

Sell tickets for a fancy dress Halloween Party. If you are brave, have your head shaved in exchange for sponsors. Ask your manager or boss to donate a day’s holiday as a prize; colleagues pay £1 to enter the raffle and the winner is randomly picked.


ISG Collection Box at events or fun days. Internet search for ideas.

Remember to empty the boxes, ask for some if you don’t have any, place them within your local community or take them on fundraising events. Link in your fundraising with the ISG events and fun days. Remember when you search the web use Easysearch and you will raise money for the ISG whilst searching for ways to do so! Contact the ISG if you would like to help out at any of our events.


Job Swaps, Just a Minute

Swap jobs for a day either at work, home or school and either pay to do so or get sponsors. Have a sponsored game show with 60 seconds of talking with no repeating, hesitating or deviating.


Keep-fit-athon, Karaoke Night

Hold a keep fit event over a few weeks and ask for sponsors. Ask your local pub to hold a charity karaoke night.


Lottery, Local Business, Ladies’ Evening

Hold a mini lottery at work. Ask local businesses to donate a prize for raffle or auction or ask local trades to donate their time for prizes. Hold a ladies’ evening at home with nibbles, items for sale, competitions and a raffle.


Marathon, Matched Giving, Masked Ball, Miscellaneous

Run a marathon or half marathon. How about holding a dance, tennis, basketball etc. marathon. Ask your employer, company or school to match any money raised from an event.

Miscellaneous quick and easy fundraising! Guess the baby – use photos of you as babies at work or school. Sweepstakes – horse races, grand prix, weight of a new baby and lots more! Guess how many sweets, coins, beads etc. are in the jar. Tournaments – darts, pool, bowling and skittles or dominoes, cribbage and shove ha’penny.


No Smoking, Chocolate or Swearing Challenge, Non-uniform Day, Nearly New Sale

Want to give up smoking, eating chocolate, swearing? This could be your chance to give up, get healthy and raise money at the same time! Have a non uniform day at work or school, pay a £1 and wear whatever you want.


Organise an Event, Odd Jobs, Office Raffle

If you’d prefer to organise your own event that suits your interests, go for it! Organise a sponsored walk, run, swim or plan a glamorous ball or fashion show.


Publicity, Parachute Jump

Send a press release to your local paper to boost your fundraising. Please contact the ISG if you would like some help or advice. If you are an adrenaline seeker why not jump out of a plane (wearing a parachute of course) and collect sponsors for doing so?


Quiz Night, Quit Something

Challenge your friends or colleagues to a quiz night, or run a pub quiz. Charge for entry and for snacks / drinks, and provide prizes for the winning team. Maybe you want to give something up so why not hold a ‘quit something for sponsorship’, encourage friends, family and colleagues to do the same.


Raffle, Regular donation, Raise Your Age

Valuable add-on for many events. Contact local businesses for prizes. Talk to the ISG first as we hold a license to sell tickets to the general public. Challenge people to raise their age in pounds! Great for school age children and adults alike!


Sponsored Event, Sales, School Quiz, Swim-a-thon

An event to obtain sponsors such as a walk, sporting event, silence, swim etc.. Hold a sale i.e. cakes, bring and buy, crafts, second hand toys etc. Tell us about your event! Contact us and tell us your plans. We can help you by providing advice and materials to help you fundraise.


Tournaments, Themed Parties, Tombola, Treasure Hunt

Try holding sporting tournaments and raise money. Have a party and fun while you’re at it! Have a 1960’s night, or, for the kids, have a Disney theme for example. Organise a treasure hunt and charge for entry.


Unity Lottery, Unwanted Gifts

Sign up and play Unity Lottery. Sell your unwanted gifts on eBay for Charity, car boot sale, etc. and ask people to donate unwanted gifts by sending flyers home with children from school.


Variety Shows

Hold a variety or talent show either at school, work or the local pub and charge to enter and charge to watch.


Wine Tasting, Wedding Anniversary Donations, Who’s the Baby

Invite an ‘expert’ or local wine dealer to bring along a few cases of wine and donate some of the proceeds of his sales to the ISG. Ask for donations instead of presents if you are holding an anniversary party.


Xmas, X Factor Talent Competition

There are always lots of events at Christmas you could get involved in to raise money! Hold a talent competition at school, work or a local community group.



Are you a member of a sailing club if so could you organise a charitable event?


Zany Hair Day

Ask your school or work to take part in a zany hair day and pay £1 to wear your hair any way you want, the brighter the better, the most zany hair wins a prize.

Thank you for your support!

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