The British Journal of Dermatology (BJD) are looking for perspectives from dermatology patients (can be co-authored with a clinician), carers, and patient societies, addressing any subject relating to dermatology, such as a new point of view, based on evidence or experience.

Along with written papers, submissions can be: images (e.g., artwork, cartoons, infographics, photographs, illustrations, diagrams), poems, videos, stories, essays, or mixed media. They welcome submissions on all topics relevant to dermatology and encourage diversity and inclusivity. For more information, please contact the BJD editorial office, who will guide you through the process: [email protected].

The articles provide an opportunity to address any topic relevant to dermatology by articulating a new point of view that is based on evidence or experience from patients and physicians alike, particularly those that may generate philosophical debate. We encourage them to be concise and thought-provoking, and prompt new ways of thinking, but they should be written in a simple and easily accessible format that a wide international audience can understand.
The BJD welcome submissions on all topics relevant to dermatology, and encourage diversity of gender, race/ethnicity, country of origin and background among Perspectives authors. Their goal is to publish perspectives relevant to the skin health of all communities, including previously understudies groups and vulnerable populations. This includes the health of the LGBTQ community, people with skin of colour, elderly patients and those with understudied diseases, as described in this editorial.
Requirements for Submission
Perspectives should:
  • Not exceed 750 words,
  • Have at most 5 references,
  • Have no more than one table or figure,
  • Be formatted in one continuous section, with no bulleted statements or abstract.
Patient-led Submissions
Perspectives are strongly encouraged from dermatology patients, which could be co-written with your clinician. These pieces may be on a broad range of topics relating to the patient experience, but their primary aim is to inform and educate clinicians about the patient's viewpoint either about the condition, challenges faced, or treatment.
To further promote and champion the patient viewpoint, the BJD are expanding the Perspectives submission type for patients, carers, and patient societies. Although these groups are welcome to submit written papers, we also encourage their submissions in a different format. These may include (but are not limited to) images, (e.g., artwork, cartoons, infographics, photographs, illustrations, diagrams), poems, videos, stories, essays, and mixed media.
If you are thinking about submitting a patient Perspectives piece, please read this editorial.
The BJD would like to support patients who wish to submit to the Perspectives section, so please contact [email protected] with any questions. Our Patient Associate Editors will support these submissions through the editorial process.

Please keep in mind that the audience of the BJD mostly consist of health care providers of dermatology. A recent Perspectives piece is about the need for psychological support in dermatology, written by our Patient Associate Editor Olivia:

All articles for the BJD are peer reviewed. This means that at least two independent reviewers of the BJD will read and might comment on the piece or can make suggestions for improvement. It could also mean that they think the piece is not fit for the BJD. Therefore, if you would like, the Patient Associate Editors can help you with your piece, before it is submitted for peer review. In that case, please do send your article to [email protected]. They are happy to help.

An editorial management system called ScholarOne is used, which is where authors are asked to submit their work. However, the BJD are happy to submit your piece on your behalf – whatever is easiest for you!