Do you have Ichthyosis vulgaris or are a male with X linked ichthyosis, or are a female carrier of X linked ichthyosis?
Researchers at Cardiff University are conducting a survey into the experience of distress in people who are living with X-linked ichthyosis, ichthyosis vulgaris or psoriasis. The study aims to better understand the frequency and severity of distress associated with these conditions, and to try and understand what might contribute to this. Findings might help inform future support offered to people living with these conditions.
The researchers at Cardiff University are investigating factors affecting mood in the following groups of people -
• Adult (>18yrs) males with X linked ichthyosis (XLI)
• Female carriers of X linked ichthyosis (XLI)
• Adult males and females with Ichthyosis vulgaris (IV)
The researchers would be really grateful if you would consider completing their survey (should take 30-40mins) by clicking here.
You can read about published and completed ichthyosis research on our website.