Phaedra Longhurst is a postgraduate Masters (MSc) student at the University of South Wales. Phaedra is conducting a qualitative study which aims to explore people's experience and their understanding of Body Image Dissatisfaction in association with their dermatological condition. This will enable us to expand our understanding on the physical and psychological impact of having a skin/hair condition with the hope of improving patient experience and well-being.

In order to explore this topic, Phaedra is seeking feedback on personal experiences and your understanding on your body image in relation to your condition. This would be in the form of filling out self-completed questionnaires and a Skype (or alternatively by telephone) interview lasting no more than one hour (60 minutes).

If you wish to obtain further information, you can download a study information sheet here which provides more in-depth information on numerous aspects of the study and what is involved. If after reading you wish to participate, or you have any enquiries on the study, please contact Phaedra via email [email protected].

If you would like to express your interest in participating you will need to complete the registration survey and consent form here.

Phaedra is currently in the recruitment phase of the study and has asked the ISG to share the study with its members.  The ISG is not directly involved with the study and is simply sharing information with its members.  Please contact Phaedra directly should you require further information.