Now you have decided to raise funds in aid of the ISG, decide what your activity is going to be and become part of #TeamISG. You could have a silent auction, coffee morning, bring and buy sale or a dinner party or you could try a sponsored race, car wash, head shave or water fight and ask your friends to sponsor you.

  • Decide what to do

  • Choose where and when you will do it

  • Book any venues or equipment you might need to do this

  • Set yourself a realistic fundraising target – remember every penny counts

  • Ask family, friends, and work colleagues to join in with you – the more the merrier!

Be inspired!

Get creative...

Download our Fundraising Guide for much more information

Now you have a rough guide about fundraising, it's time to decide what you are going to do...

Looking for inspiration? Here's our A-Z of fundraising ideas

Think about your audience

Take a minute to consider who it is you will be approaching; family and friends, colleagues, your company’s customers and suppliers, or maybe clubs and groups of which you are a member. Plan events and fundraising that will suit them.

Ask Everyone!

Do not be afraid to ask everyone you know; friends, family, work colleagues, members of the sports team you play for, old school friends, your hairdresser! Remember, if you don’t ask you won’t get! 

Online Sponsors and donations

Set up an online sponsor form or event fundraising page or ask us for personalised sponsorship forms and start by targeting someone who may sponsor you with a large amount. Hopefully, this will encourage supporters to give more or even stir up some competition! Online sponsor forms are by far the easiest way to get sponsorship from far and wide and the collecting is done for you - so no chasing up sponsors. People are carrying cash less, so by setting up online people can sponsor or donate online. We can even set you up with a personalised QR code - just ask!

Ask people

Never be afraid to ask people to sponsor you. They can always say no! Remember the ISG relies on people like you to continue our excellent work. Email your online sponsor form details to everyone or take your sponsorship form everywhere. You never know when you may bump into someone who will sponsor you. Involve family and friends in different parts of the country and post a copy of your sponsor form to them. When people learn that you care about the cause you are supporting, they will be more likely to support you.

Talk about the ISG

Tell everyone why the ISG is a special charity for wonderful individuals and let them know how their support can help.

Text or message everyone

Contact everyone in your mobile phone address book about your event. This is a great way to get the message out there, whether you’re asking for sponsorship, donations or inviting people to come to your event. Ask everyone to pass the message on to their contacts.

Social media

Tell everyone you know via social media

Tell us

The ISG can provide you with a fundraising kit which includes collection boxes.  Give them to family and friends to put their spare change in.  Tell us about your fundraising via our Tell Us About Your Fundraising form.

Pay your money in

Once you've fundraised, if you have money to pay in, you can do this by contacting us or visit the Paying Your Fundraising In section for details.